Donald Trump unwittingly admits he’s sabotaging health care – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump unwittingly admits he’s sabotaging health care – Donald Trump Sucks

2. Earlier on Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that requires the Department of Labor to find ways that will allow small businesses and individuals to use nationwide association health plans to buy insurance. As a result, there is the growing possibility that younger and healthier people will choose to use plans that offer fewer benefits but are priced lower, which would consequently raise premiums for sicker and more elderly Americans still using the exchanges established by Obamacare.

3. Trump’s executive order on Thursday will also make it easier for patients (again, most likely younger and healthier ones) to buy short-term policies that don’t meet Affordable Care Act regulations regarding pre-existing conditions. Similarly, it will permit employers within the same industries to offer group coverage across state lines, as well as make it easier for businesses to require their employees to pay for their own insurance using reimbursements instead of spending money on it themselves.

4. The Q&A section of a document issued by the administration to explain its Thursday executive order raised the possibility that Trump will relax enforcement on the individual mandate, which could also cause premiums to increase.

“The administration believes Congress should repeal the individual and employer mandates — respective penalties, enforced by the IRS, on people who fail to purchase Washington-approved coverage and employers with at least 50 workers that fail to offer Washington-approved coverage,” the document explained. “While HHS has the ability to define a hardship exemption for the purpose of the individual…

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