Steve Bannon’s enemy isn’t the GOP. It’s Donald Trump. – Donald Trump Sucks

Steve Bannon’s enemy isn’t the GOP. It’s Donald Trump. – Donald Trump Sucks

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon introduces Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore at an election night rally on Sept. 26 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Steve Bannon’s plot to remake the Republican Party is bold, ambitious, and doomed to fail. The problem is that he’s chosen the wrong culprit for the GOP’s woes.

Over the coming months, President Trump’s erstwhile chief strategist intends to back primary challengers to those incumbent GOP senators whom he finds to be insufficiently zealous in their commitment to the Trump agenda. According to Bloomberg Politics, Bannon has two main demands of candidates seeking his support: They must commit to booting Mitch McConnell out of his role as Senate majority leader, and they must support killing the filibuster, which has evolved into a de facto requirement that the party in power maintain a supermajority to enact its legislative agenda.

One argument against Bannon’s scheme is that even if it works, it won’t work. Imagine he succeeds in ousting a Republican incumbent in a swing state. Say it’s Dean Heller of Nevada, a man who’s clearly no fan of President Trump and who’s been keen to present himself as scrupulously moderate to voters in his purple state. If Heller loses, chances are his successor will be a Democrat, not a Bannonite. Because the 2018 Senate map has such a strong Republican tilt, this red-to-blue swing might not be enough to jeopardize the GOP majority in the upper house. Still, the most likely takeaway here would not be that Republicans should be terrified of…

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