What Did Donald Trump Learn in Texas After Harvey? – Donald Trump Sucks

What Did Donald Trump Learn in Texas After Harvey? – Donald Trump Sucks

“You are special!” President Donald Trump said, to the thousand or so
people who had gathered on Tuesday morning outside a firehouse in Corpus
Christi, Texas, where he was meeting with officials, including Governor
Greg Abbott, Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, and several members of
the Texas congressional delegation. The rain brought in by Hurricane—now
Tropical Storm—Harvey, was still falling in Houston; as Trump spoke, the
level crept up toward fifty inches, and past the record for the
continental United States, set forty years ago; before nightfall, it
would pass fifty-one inches. The Washington Post quoted experts who
estimated that the amount of water dumped on the city and the
surrounding area was “nearly nineteen times the daily discharge of the
Mississippi.” Hundreds of thousands of people may lose their homes; only
about a fifth of the households in Houston have flood insurance. By
Tuesday evening, thirty per cent of Harris County was underwater. But
President Trump had a different metric in mind: “What a crowd, what a
turnout!” he said, standing on a truck outside the firehouse. Then
someone handed him a Texas state flag, and he waved it.

The problem is not that President Trump does not realize that Harvey is
huge; a number of his tweets on the storm have contained the word “Wow,”
and he called it “epic” and “historic,” adding that “Texas can handle
anything!” But the enormity of the situation does not seem to have
organized his thoughts beyond declarations of how it will be matched by
the greatness of his Administration and its allies. On the flight to
Texas, on Tuesday…

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