Trump embraces law and order agenda – Donald Trump Sucks

Trump embraces law and order agenda – Donald Trump Sucks

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  • “(W)e are fighting a multi-front battle,” Sessions said
  • A vision of “tough” policing and was at the center of Trump’s campaign

Trump waited only until the second paragraph of a stark convention speech in Philadelphia last year before hitting on the theme. He went on to describe a nation threatened by “attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities” and promising that as soon as he became President, “safety will be restored.”

Now, flexing his presidential power, Trump is acting to implement that promise, even if his perception of a nation under siege to crime and violence is one not recognized by his critics or necessarily backed up by facts.

On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled Trump’s plan to reverse Obama administration curbs that prevented local law enforcement agencies from receiving surplus military gear, including including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms.

The previous White House introduced the measures following violent clashes in Ferguson, Missouri, in the belief that police forces touting military-style gear came across as an occupying force in a way that heightened community tensions.

But on Monday, Sessions raised the specter of a war against police on America’s streets as he addressed the Fraternal Order of Police.

“(W)e are fighting a multi-front battle: an increase in violent crime, a rise in vicious gangs, an opioid epidemic, threats from terrorism, combined with a culture in which family and discipline seem to be eroding further and a disturbing disrespect for the rule of law,” Sessions said.

The attorney general also…

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