The Antifa Protests Are Helping Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

The Antifa Protests Are Helping Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

During this first tumultuous summer of the Trump Presidency, it has been
almost possible to mistake events in America’s cities for a constant
loop of scenes from Spike Lee’s 1989 movie, “Do the Right Thing.” The
chaotic and deadly events in Charlottesville were followed, a week later, by a largely peaceful anti-racism march in Boston, which both
dwarfed a pathetic concurrent gathering of white supremacists and
inspired hope that we might make it through the month without more
violence in the streets. That hope proved sustainable through a shaky
détente in Phoenix, where Trump spoke in defense of the former sheriff and convicted racial profiler Joe Arpaio. It endured through last
Saturday, when a planned right-wing demonstration in San Francisco was
cancelled, and survived most of Sunday, when roughly four thousand
anti-racism protesters conducted a peaceful demonstration across the
bay, in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Civic Center Park. But it
fractured the moment that contingents identified as anarchists and Antifa radicals slipped into the crowd and began attacking right-wing
protesters who had assembled there under the banner of free speech. (Six
months ago, the University of California campus at Berkeley, the nucleus
of the Free Speech Movement of the nineteen-sixties, was thrust into the
headlines when a group of protesters smashed windows and set fires in
order to prevent the right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos from
speaking there.)

Following Donald Trump’s first, inept remarks on the tragedy in
Charlottesville, his false even-handedness regarding the violence there
has proven politically…

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