Donald Trump Is Not a Populist – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump Is Not a Populist – Donald Trump Sucks

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To beat him, Democrats will have to show voters what real populism is all about.

Donald J. Trump is a populist in the same sense that the Democratic People’s Republic of [North] Korea is democratic.

He is a demagogue who, under the cover of a contrived populism that traffics in resentment of “the other,” pursues a plutocratic course that betrays the very people he tricked into voting against themselves. After an election in which he played on their economic insecurities, he now proposes to cut taxes mostly for corporations and the top 1 percent, not for them; to strip away their health coverage; to dismember protections for workers on the job; to let the highest bidders poison our water and pollute our air. The list goes on and on—from opposing an increase in the minimum wage to calling for draconian cutbacks in college loan programs for hard-pressed middle and working-class students.

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Trump himself constantly offers a conspicuous profile in plutocracy. Think of his treatment of the Secret Service – bankrupting jaunts to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster, his private clubs in Florida and New Jersey. And he is far from alone in the arrogantly gilded ranks of this administration. Consider the wife of Treasury secretary and…

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