Donald Trump and the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump and the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree – Donald Trump Sucks

Supposedly, the men’s primary motive was financial—securing a huge new Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow—and the political considerations were ancillary. But a different reading of the evidence suggests it was the other way around. That the deal was conceived and proffered not on the merits, but as a way for Russia to help Trump land a perverse public relations coup ahead of the election. That they saw it as simply one of many potential avenues for collusion.

In a story headlined “Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal ‘Will Get Donald Elected,’” the Times published excerpts of an email Sater sent to Cohen in November 2015 with the subject-line “Re: Putin/Trump.” The excerpts themselves make no specific mention of a real-estate transaction. Instead, they confuse—and ultimately conflate—business and politics:

“Michael we can own this story. Donald doesn’t stare down, he negotiates and understands the economic issues and Putin only want to deal with a pragmatic leader, and a successful business man is a good candidate for someone who knows how to negotiate. ‘Business, politics, whatever it all is the same for someone who knows how to deal’ …

“Michael I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin. I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this. I will…

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