What Alabama tells us about Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

What Alabama tells us about Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

It has become increasingly clear to me after the tragedy of Charlottesville, Va., that Donald Trump not only has no interest in being president of the entire country but also is specifically tailoring his so-called presidency to the white racial-grievance apparatus.

Last week he reinforced his racial rhetoric, appealing to loss of history and heritage. He defended Confederate monuments and mocked those who agreed to remove them. He tried to rewrite his own history of standing up for white supremacists.

This is the man we have: one who doesn’t want to lead a country but wants to rule a tribe. Most of the people who support him are just fine with his approach and behavior. These people baffle the throngs who see a man unfit for office and possibly inching closer to diagnosable insanity.

But I think that if people want to understand what is happening here, to understand why Trump’s support is so strong in some quarters, we need to broaden the scope of inquiry beyond just the Rust Belt states that he won by razor-thin margins and beyond border states where the wall would have great impact.

We also need to look at Southern states that he carried by enormous margins. We have to look at states like Alabama. In doing so, we have to examine the history of Alabama and see how white supremacy tracks across time and culminates with Trump.

The original capital of the Confederacy was in Montgomery, Ala. Of course, the South lost and Reconstruction commenced. But Alabama was divided between the anti-secession populists of the north and the counties in the south, as the Journal of…

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