How the 2017 VMAs Took On Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

How the 2017 VMAs Took On Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

At the first VMAs since Donald Trump won the election, it was to be expected that the show, like most of its viewers, would not be able to avoid talking politics.

Even before the show started, the VMA’s decision to stop separating its awards in gendered categories and to invite transgender members of the military hinted at the tone of the show to come— and it didn’t disappoint. The ceremony was kicked off by Kendrick Lamar, of whom we’re used to seeing performances laced with political references. Lamar’s roster of dancers, all black men, climbed up a burning fence, while Lamar performed a medley of songs, referencing racism and police violence. After, host Katy Perry referenced Hulu’s hit show The Handmaid’s Tale during her first few minutes on the job, holding up the show’s signature red cape and white cap combination, one of the story’s symbols of misogynist oppression that played a real-life role in protesting the Health Care bill back in June. Perry then held up a mock-up newspaper, with a front page that read, “Today’s News: The World is on Fire.”

Paris Jackson followed, addressing the size of the crowd and saying that “If we all stand together, our impact will be huge.” Referring to the recent events in Charlottesville, she said, “We must show these nazi white supremacist jerks that we have zero tolerance for their violence, their hatred, and their discrimination.” Later in the show, Perry continued her political speech. In urging the audience to cast their vote for Best New Artist, she mentioned, “This is an election where the popular vote actually matters.”

Pink performed, before she received this year’s…

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