What Donald Trump did on his summer holiday – Donald Trump Sucks

What Donald Trump did on his summer holiday – Donald Trump Sucks

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This week across America, millions of children will be getting ready to go back to school and returning home that evening with their first work assignment – an essay with the title: “What I did on my summer holidays.”

Now imagine for a second you’re Donald Trump, and you’ve just been given that piece of homework. I think the first thing you’re going to do is ask for a few extra sheets of paper because, what a summer.

From distant, foggy memory, I also seem to remember that the one other instruction you got from the teacher was to make it descriptive, and not too much of a list.

Well, sorry about that, Miss. This is what Donald and his pals in the White House got up to:

  1. Hires a new communications director called Anthony Scaramucci
  2. Press secretary Sean Spicer quits in protest. Says he’s happy but is fulminating
  3. The Mooch (aka Scaramucci) gives obscene interview to New Yorker magazine
  4. Trump fires his chief of staff, the hapless Reince Priebus (abandoned at Andrews air force base)
  5. Hires a new one, Gen Kelly, who was the head of homeland security
  6. On Kelly’s first day, the president fires the new communications director – Scaramucci has lasted just 10 days – less time than it takes for a pint of milk to go off
  7. He hires a new comms director, his fourth in seven months
  8. He publicly shames his attorney-general, numerous times, but Jeff Sessions clings on
  9. Loses a healthcare bill
  10. Publicly lashes the three Republicans who voted against it, several times
  11. Bans transgender people from the military,…

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