Donald Trump: the discriminator in chief (Opinion) – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump: the discriminator in chief (Opinion) – Donald Trump Sucks

Let’s be clear, Trump’s pardon of Arpaio sends a message to the nation — including law enforcement — that profiling people based on their ethnicity and race is okay in Trump’s America. And it’s also a strong message to the “fine people,” as Trump called them, in the white supremacist demonstrations, that people who aren’t white deserve less constitutional protections.
But Trump wasn’t done legitimizing discrimination on Friday — he did more. He took a big step to legally sanctioning discrimination against the LGBT community by announcing a ban on transgender Americans who want to serve in our military. Transgender men and women currently serving can remain for the time being, but Trump’s order would allow them to be discharged at any moment depending on the decision of military leaders. (Trump avoided military service during the Vietnam War because of “temporary” heel spurs that astoundingly were worse in his 20s than today when he’s 71 years old.)
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