Why Does Donald Trump Like Sheriff Joe Arpaio? – Donald Trump Sucks

Why Does Donald Trump Like Sheriff Joe Arpaio? – Donald Trump Sucks

President Trump had little to offer that was specific or coherent in the
rambling, hate-filled speech
that he delivered in Phoenix this week—the one that he later assessed in a self-congratulatory tweet as
“enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun.” The speech lurched between schoolyard
bragging (“I live in a bigger, more beautiful apartment” than the
“élite” and “I live in the White House, too, which is really great”),
the usual whining about reporters (“sick,” “bad,” “dishonest” people),
and insults to Arizona’s two Republican senators, one of whom is
currently battling brain cancer. The rhetorical flourishes borrowed from
Fascist tropes, with their distinctive mix of vague language and
unmistakable menace: the virtuous “we” and the unspecified “they,” who
are trying to take away “our” customs and culture; the “thugs,” who
protest the leader’s vision of America.

But there were a few moments when Trump got very particular, and one of
them was when he chose to express his keen admiration for Joe Arpaio,
the former sheriff of Maricopa County. In July, Arpaio was convicted of
criminal contempt of court, for defying an earlier court order to stop
detaining people solely on suspicion of their immigration status. In
Phoenix, Trump hinted that he would pardon Arpaio. He said that he
wasn’t going to cause controversy by issuing a pardon then and there,
but Sheriff Joe “can feel good,” he pledged, and was “going to be just
fine.” Trump is likely a fan of Arpaio’s because Arapio is a fan of
his—an early supporter who also went all in for birtherism, at one point

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