When was Donald Trump last in Springfield? – Donald Trump Sucks

When was Donald Trump last in Springfield? – Donald Trump Sucks


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Tax policy is reportedly the reason that President Donald Trump will visit Springfield next week.

The likely last time he was in town, the reason was a beauty pageant.

As a candidate, Trump held massive rallies in numerous cities around America — but the man himself never came to southwest Missouri.

His closest campaign stop to Springfield was actually Bentonville, in February 2016.

(Vice President Mike Pence did come to Springfield in September 2016, after Trump added him to the ticket.)

All of which raises the question: When was Donald Trump last in Springfield?

Well, Trump owned the Miss USA pageant from 1996 to 2015. The pageant was held in Branson in 1999 and 2000.

At least in 1999, when Trump came to southwest Missouri for the spectacle, he flew into what is now known as Springfield-Branson National Airport.

Here’s the start of a News-Leader article from Feb. 5, 1999:

The Donald has arrived, so the pageant may begin.

Donald Trump’s black 727 jet with the big red T on its tail landed Thursday at Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, carrying the mogul who will preside over tonight’s Miss…

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