Donald Trump faces major challenge at home – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump faces major challenge at home – Donald Trump Sucks

At 11 a.m. EDT, the hurricane center said “preparations should be rushed to completion in the warning areas” as “conditions will continue to deteriorate” throughout the day.

The approaching storm marks Trump’s first natural disaster and one of the first major domestic problems that does not stem from political strife. FEMA, working with state officials, is tasked with preparing for and responding to natural disasters that are considered a significant threat to life and property.

Two former FEMA administrators believe Long, who was confirmed to the post only in June, is up to the task.

James Witt, a former FEMA head under President Bill Clinton, said Long brings experience from leading Alabama’s emergency agency and will do a “great job.” Aside from supplementing state resources with federal resources, Long will have a role in making sure that Trump stays up to date on developments and communicates effectively with local officials, Witt told CNBC.

“The president needs to give them his full support and [say] that he’s going to be on top of it,” said Witt, who is now CEO of consulting and lobbying firm Witt Global Partners.

Long, who actively tweeted updates on the storm and FEMA on Friday morning, told CNN that the agency has positioned management teams, commodities and search and rescue crews in Texas….

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