Could someone really buy Twitter and kick off Donald Trump? – Donald Trump Sucks

Could someone really buy Twitter and kick off Donald Trump? – Donald Trump Sucks

Foes of President Donald Trump and his tweeting habits are pitching a long-shot attempt to buy out the micro-blogging site Twitter for the sole purpose of blocking him from ever again using his favorite social media tool. 

They hope to raise enough money though the crowdfunding site Gofundme to buy a controlling stake in publicly traded Twitter (TWTR) and then kick off the Tweeter-in-Chief. Sad!

Never mind the challenge of raising billions to snap up a majority of the shares in publicly traded Twitter (TWTR), currently valued at around $12 billion, far from its $32 billion value back when it went public in 2013. 

Could such a back-door effort to silence Donald Trump’s tweets ever work?

Twitter could indeed bar the president from its site because the company and other social networks have broad discretion in how they operate, according to Charles Glasser, a media law and ethics professor at New York University’s Graduate School of Journalism. 

Twitter users don’t have a constitutional right to access the company’s service, although the content of Tweets is protected by the First Amendment, Glasser said. As long as Twitter doesn’t treat Mr. Trump differently than it would any other user, he wouldn’t have strong grounds to challenge any decision to remove him. “Most of those terms and conditions have very vague community standards sections, and the First Amendment requires government action, and Twitter is a  private company,” Glasser explained.

Twitter can take action against users when they are deemed abusive, such as when conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos targeted “Saturday Night Live”…

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