Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

His former top aides have said that he is unfit for office. He is surrounded by a swirl of scandal. His family is not helping matters, with crazy statements that are intended to be supportive but just make matters worse. He is dependent on the far right and is so politically vulnerable that he is making decisions that put his entire country at risk. He has targeted groups on the basis of religion and background, which could lead to great unrest.  You look at his record and you start wondering if he is drawn to the extremists because he really is one.

In any event, he has brought his country’s democracy to a moment of crisis — one that has profound international ramifications.

The “he” I am referring to is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Donald Trump.

What makes matters worse for Netanyahu that he is smarter than Trump and he has infinitely more experience in government. Whereas President Trump is weakening America, Netanyahu, known as Bibi, has Israel hurtling toward an existential crisis, one largely due to the very Trumpian move to choose identity politics over decency and democracy.

Trump is beleaguered by the recent events in Charlottesville and his inflammatory reaction to them, the departure of his top aides in recent weeks, and the ticking crocodile of Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, a noise that he, like Captain Hook, can’t seem to escape. In Israel, Bibi has his own corruption scandal. His son this past week offered…

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