Donald Trump Is Now Yelling at Republican Senators Over Russia – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump Is Now Yelling at Republican Senators Over Russia – Donald Trump Sucks

Win McNamee

The president thinks he’s still the victim.

There has been plenty to criticize Congressional Republicans over during Donald Trump’s term. On the whole, they’ve been more than happy to talk about how “troubled” they are by President Trump’s behavior, but ask them to do anything about said terrible and terrifying behavior, and suddenly the Mitch McConnells and Paul Ryans of the world are nowhere to be found. Why? Because as much as they understand supporting an openly bigoted president is a bad look for them, they also know that torpedoing this presidency could spell doom for all of their pet policy projects (read: giving tax cuts to rich people while screwing over the less fortunate).

So yes, it is absolutely reasonable to be pissed at GOP members of Congress. Considering the scope and depth of the scandals that currently swirl around the president, Donald Trump should be on his knees thanking House and Senate Republicans for mostly giving him a pass on the myriad of things they could, nay should, be investigating. But of course Donald Trump is not grateful. No, in fact, he’s resentful and angry with this Congress for giving him a hard time.

Imagine being such an egotistical monster that it comes out that your son, son-in-law, and campaign manager all met with a Russian lawyer who claimed to be representing the Russian government in their attempt to collude with your campaign against your opponent, and yet you think it’s unfair that congress wants to sanction some Russians. It is beyond insane, and yet according to a new Politico report that’s exactly what happened. Trump, who is the only person in the world who…

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