Trump sticks it to GOP – Donald Trump Sucks

Trump sticks it to GOP – Donald Trump Sucks

PHOENIX — President Donald Trump put the Republican Party on notice on Tuesday evening — implicitly attacking two Republican senators on their home turf, threatening a government shutdown over his border wall, and demanding that senators kill the filibuster because it’s impeding his agenda.

In an often-angry speech here that stretched on for well over an hour, the president returned to many of the same targets he went after on the campaign trail. He spent more than a half-hour lambasting the media, which he accused of misrepresenting his comments after the Charlottesville violence. Yet he also turned his weaponry on fellow Republicans, going after Arizona’s two GOP senators who’ve been a thorn in his side.

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Trump did not name Sen. John McCain or Sen. Jeff Flake by name in his remarks — he joked that his aides pleaded with him not to mention the senators explicitly — but it was unmistakable who he was talking about. Over and over, Trump noted that Senate Republicans were “one vote away” from passing a bill to repeal Obamacare. The crowd at the Phoenix Convention Center immediately began jeering McCain, a longtime Trump critic who delivered the tie-breaking vote that sank the overhaul bill.

The 80-year-old McCain is being treated for brain cancer.

“Obamacare is a disaster and think, just think, we were just one vote…

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