Rally Trump vs. Teleprompter Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

Rally Trump vs. Teleprompter Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

A night after delivering his Afghanistan plan in mostly sober, if not particularly illuminating language, President Donald Trump entertained his core supporters in Phoenix with a medley of the fiery, at times petulant and uncannily digressive rhetoric he rode to the White House last year.

The two Trumps dynamic should be, by now, a familiar one. A few winking flourishes aside, Trump on Monday night stuck to the script. But only a little more than 24 hours after he wrapped up at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, Trump returned to his natural state — campaign mode, complete with protracted media bashing and a mostly forgotten teleprompter — at a booming rally in Arizona.

Let’s review.

Teleprompter Trump in Virginia: speaks of love and patriotism

“When one part of America hurts, we all hurt. And when one citizen suffers an injustice, we all suffer together. Loyalty to our nation demands loyalty to one another. Love for America requires love for all of its people.”

Rally Trump: salutes his education, wealth and current office

“Now, you know, I was a good student. I always hear about the elite. You know, the elite. They’re elite? I went to better schools than they did. I was a better student than they were. I live in a bigger, more beautiful apartment, and I live in the White House, too, which is really great.”

Teleprompter Trump: salutes camaraderie in the military

“It’s called the American family. They take the same oath, fight for the same flag, and live according to the same law. They’re bound together by common purpose, mutual trust, and selfless devotion to our nation and to each other.”

Rally Trump in Arizona: riffs at…

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