No man is an island, but Donald Trump is drawing perilously close. – Donald Trump Sucks

No man is an island, but Donald Trump is drawing perilously close. – Donald Trump Sucks

Trump looks at the eclipse.

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Donald Trump is “in a position right now where he’s much more isolated than he realizes,” Newt Gingrich informed Fox News on Friday. Newt is never right, and yet there, in his comment, was the toll of truth—since he took office in January, Trump’s presidency has amounted to a sustained and methodical masterpiece of pushing people away. Which of his original constituencies remain loyal to him? Last week, sensing insurrection, he dissolved two separate councils of CEOs (exeunt rich businesspeople) and begged off of attending the Kennedy Center Honors concert (exeunt any celebrities who hadn’t already). He guillotined Establishment mainstays Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, then turned around and ejected Steve Bannon, the mouthpiece for the one demographic that hasn’t grown visibly disillusioned with Trump after his Charlottesville disaster: white nationalists. Beyond American borders, foreign heads of states are issuing statements chastising the president, who, in fairness, has been insulting them for months. His potential allies in the House and Senate will not come to his defense. No man is an island, but Trump is drawing perilously close.

“He believes his power is total, and that it will exist even if everyone around him ceases to,” wrote Olivia Nuzzi in New York, of the still point in chief. But the turning world around Trump is not vanishing—it’s getting louder. And the POTUS refuses to accommodate its demands: “By dint of his pigheadedness, or prejudice, or both,” observed John Cassidy in the New…

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