Why Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

Why Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

You probably have these debates with your friends, too: Do we want Donald Trump to resign, or be impeached, which would leave us with Vice President Mike Pence in charge? Do we think Pence is better, or worse, than Trump? Is Pence more formidable politically? Will progressives’ chances still be better with the Orange Menace in the White House? Or would the low-charisma Pence, who looks like a B-movie producer’s idea of a president, be easier to defeat, especially given the GOP fratricide that would commence with Trump’s departure, however it came about? (I guess I tipped my hand in that last sentence.)

I try never to care about the political implications of whether Trump should stay or go. He should go, because he’s a racist authoritarian who got help from a foreign adversary to become president. He should go, because he’s more likely to stumble into war than Pence is.

But I never let that obscure the truth, either: Pence is a far worse person, because of his creepy Handmaid’s Tale patriarchal approach to women’s equality. But also because he usually knows he’s lying about Trump, and their administration’s agenda, and he lies anyway.

Exhibit A, for today anyway, is the way he defended Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville on Tuesday morning. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the way Pence appropriates American decency to defend his own indecency, and his boss’s. Here’s what he told NBC’s Today show about why he supports Trump’s call to keep Confederate monuments…

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