GOP on eggshells as Trump storms into Phoenix – Donald Trump Sucks

GOP on eggshells as Trump storms into Phoenix – Donald Trump Sucks

In this Aug. 31, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives speak at a rally at the Phoenix in Phoenix. | Evan Vucci/AP

A sustained attack on vulnerable Sen. Jeff Flake could rupture the president’s relationship with his party.

PHOENIX — President Donald Trump faces a decision on Tuesday evening with profound implications for his already strained relationship with the GOP: whether to attack a vulnerable Republican senator on his home turf.

While White House officials won’t say exactly what’s on Trump’s agenda when he holds a campaign-style rally here, there is a widespread expectation that he will go after GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, a loud critic of the president who recently published an anti-Trump manifesto, “Conscience of a Conservative.”

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In the days leading up to Trump’s Arizona trip, Senate GOP leaders have implicitly warned Trump that attacking Flake, who faces a treacherous path to reelection, would only serve to further rupture his relationship with a congressional GOP wing that he’s grown increasingly isolated from in recent weeks. It came after Trump, in a tweet after the Phoenix event was announced, called Flake “toxic.” The president had earlier threatened to spend as much as $10 million to take out the incumbent Republican.


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