Donald Trump to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan – Donald Trump Sucks


President Donald Trump plans to address the nation on his strategy for the war in Afghanistan. Sec. Mattis will wait for the president to announce his plan before making any comment.

WASHINGTON – President Trump will outline a new Afghanistan strategy Monday that will clear the path to deploy several thousand more U.S. troops to help local forces in the conflict that has stretched on for nearly 16 years. 

In a prime-time speech, Trump is also expected demand more assistance from NATO allies and the Afghanistan government itself. 

Trump will address the nation at 9 p.m. ET from Fort Myer, Va., a military base just a few miles from the White House. In front of a group of soldiers, Trump will “provide an update on the path forward for America’s engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia,” the White House said in a statement.

The prime time address comes three days after Trump convened a high-level national security meeting at Camp David, capping a drawn-out review about how to address an issue that has frustrated Trump, just as it predecessor George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

“The president has made a decision,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters during a Sunday flight en route to Jordan. “I am very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous.”

The new strategy is the result of months of debate in the…

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