Week 13: Hounded on All Sides, a Cornered President Snarls – Donald Trump Sucks

Week 13: Hounded on All Sides, a Cornered President Snarls – Donald Trump Sucks

If and when the American Kennel Club gets around to assigning a new breed for dogs that resemble President Donald Trump—portly with short paws and a chow chow mane of Clorox blond?—it should not neglect to single out the breed’s primary behavioral trait: Trump is what dog handlers would call a “fear-biter,” not a naturally fierce or aggressive hound, but one that snaps and chomps when frightened.

A panicky and snarling Trump toothed his way down to bone this week, even burning chief strategist Steve Bannon in a Farewell Friday pyre. Trump’s ostensible topic of the week was white supremacists, with whom he threw in at a news conference and via a tweet triptych. But the intensity of his fury could not be easily explained. Who could have known he felt this strongly about Southern “heritage” beyond the casual racism he drools from time-to-time? As with canine rage, Trump’s fulmination was probably a matter of transference, with some other trauma setting him off. You’d be swamped with generalized wrath, too, if Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller were slithering through your prodigious paper trail as they are Trump’s.

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Mueller’s people called on the White House, the New York Times reported on Sunday, about setting up interviews with current and former administration officials to chat about Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mueller wants notes, transcripts, documents, and other markers of meetings hosted inside the Trump kennel. “Among the matters Mr. Mueller wants to ask the officials about is…

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