Bannon On Outside Could Be Very Dangerous To Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

Bannon On Outside Could Be Very Dangerous To Donald Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

For Americans who know little or nothing about Stephen Bannon other than his depiction on Saturday Night Live as the grim reaper, or that his mien makes for seedy-looking news photos, the news that he has jumped from or was pushed out of job as White House chief strategist might seem reassuring. And for the moment at least, you have to assume his “globalist” opponents in Donald Trump’s circle of advisers are indulging in an early happy hour to celebrate his imminent departure.

But for the administration as a whole, Bannon could be much more of a problem on the loose than ensconced in the middle of a Team of Rivals. Lyndon Johnson once famously said of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover: “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.” That is likely true of Steve Bannon as well.

We do not know, what if any, inhibiting effect Bannon has had inside the tent—er, the White House—on his former subordinates at Breitbart News when the administration did something the so-called “economic nationalists” did not like. But whatever the restraints were, they’re probably gone now. Breitbart hasn’t reacted much yet to the news of their former chairman’s defenestration, other than to link to a New York Times account that flatly reports Bannon left of his own accord and on his own timetable (resigning on August 7, effective today). But there is this one interesting note at Breitbart News from a sidebar to the main story:

Shortly before…

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