Donald Trump is to blame for the Charlottesville far-right rally – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump is to blame for the Charlottesville far-right rally – Donald Trump Sucks

One week after 9/11, Martin Amis minted the phrase “species shame” to express the totality of his revulsion.

Sixteen years on, that phrase echoes with the ugly brutality of the neo-Nazis in Virginia who, in league with their presidential demigod, bring it storming back to mind.

You cannot divide them, those neo-Nazis and Trump, and not only because those with Hitler quotes on the back of T-shirts were chanting “Hail Trump” (as if using the English rather than German pronunciation would cunningly disguise their intent). You cannot divide them from Trump because Trump is their enabler, just as they are his.

Creatures like these existed long before Trump launched his political career by questioning the birthplace of the African-American who preceded him. He didn’t make them. He brought them back out of the shadows, and into the light of the flaming cross.

Whether his hiring of Steve Bannon means he shares the Breitbart ghoul’s white supremacist world view isn’t clear, though I slightly doubt it. Evidently, he is at the very least a casual racist. No one who wasn’t would dream of making Jeff Sessions the US Attorney-General. But Trump has no belief in anything other than the glorification of Trump, and white supremacy qualifies as a belief.

One dead as car hits crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville

Being elected President is the high point of that glorification, of course, and to achieve that he needed the unreconstructed racists. No one knows how large a bloc that is. But at 9am today, beneath Breitbart’s report on the terrorist atrocity in Charlottesville were more than…

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