How might Donald Trump do a deal with North Korea? – Donald Trump Sucks

How might Donald Trump do a deal with North Korea? – Donald Trump Sucks

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The world has been consumed by the fear of war in Korea over the past week – everywhere, it seems, except Korea. The BBC’s correspondent in the South Korean capital says there is a disconnect between the hyped-up atmosphere and the reality on the ground.

I get emails from people in Europe asking me whether nuclear war is about to start – and then I look out of the window, in Seoul, and see a market where people amble gently between the stalls, sampling street food.

Around the world, headlines scream “danger” – but at what would be the epicentre of any war, there’s not the slightest sign of fear.

While tension mounts far away, street dancers in Seoul accost passers-by with pamphlets advertising a concert.

Who’s right? The headline writers or the putative war victims? Has the world suddenly got much more dangerous?

In one way, it obviously has.

North Korea is closer to possessing effective nuclear warheads and missiles, simply because it’s had longer to sort out the problems.

North Korea tests missiles every one or two weeks to learn from their mistakes.

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Speaking at the DMZ, US Vice-President Mike Pence said the “era of strategic patience is over”

But the expert view is that North Korea does not have the…

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