Keith Schiller: The ‘most under-estimated person on Trump’s team’ – Donald Trump Sucks

Keith Schiller: The ‘most under-estimated person on Trump’s team’ – Donald Trump Sucks

Story highlights

  • Keith Schiller is a former New York Police Department officer
  • He started with Trump as security

Never was that clearer than earlier this year, when Trump — nagged by questions about a series of baseless claims he made about his predecessor, Barack Obama — leaned on Schiller to get the pestering press out of his meeting.

“Mr. President, any proof on the wiretapping?” yelled a reporter. “Mr. President, any proof at all?”

Enter the 6’4″, 210-pound Schiller, a man who, after working for Trump for nearly two decades, knew his usually loquacious boss didn’t want to talk.

“Please get out of the way,” the former New York Police Department detective barked. “Thank you.”

Schiller, whose official title is deputy assistant to the President and director of Oval Office operations, got in front of the reporters and quickly escorted them out of the room, playing the role of press handler.

The former police investigator has risen from a high school student who coaches doubted would amount to anything to Trump’s muscle-for-hire to, arguably, the person Trump trusts most outside his own family. Schiller, who has an apartment near Trump’s in Trump Tower, wears many hats in the White House: press wrangler, body man, private muscle and sounding board.

He regularly travels with Trump and his family, is seen in countless photos with the President and even serves as a top security adviser to Trump’s aides. When Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and top policy aide, traveled to Iraq with Marine General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the US military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Schiller was at his side for much of the trip.



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