3 Ways Donald Trump Is Making Gold Great Again — The Motley Fool – Donald Trump Sucks

3 Ways Donald Trump Is Making Gold Great Again — The Motley Fool – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump rode into the Oval Office with one simple campaign promise: to make America great again. Yet, nearly three months into his presidency, Trump is learning that making America great again takes time.

Trump’s agenda is jam-packed with reforms, many of which have yet to be tackled. For example, Trump’s cornerstone reform involves rethinking individual and corporate taxes. He campaigned for a lower tax for individuals and corporations, as well as a simplified tax code. These measures are designed to allow corporations to keep more income to reinvest and hire, as well as put more money back into the pockets of consumers to boost our consumption-driven economy.

Image source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Flickr.

In addition, Trump would like to deregulate the banking and energy industries, promote domestic shale production, pass a decade-long infrastructure package, and reform healthcare. The latter point has turned into a sore spot for Trump and Congress, with an initial bill, dubbed the American Health Care Act, failing to garner enough support from Republicans in the House.

Trump is making gold great again

However, the Trump presidency is indeed making something great again: gold.

Earlier this week, the lustrous yellow metal hit a five-month high, closing above $1,270 an ounce for the first time since early November. A quick review of the 27 gold-mining stocks with market caps of $300 million or more as of April 11 shows that 23 are up year-to-date, with 20 of those gold stocks up by a minimum of 10%.

Though Donald Trump isn’t…

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