Donald Trump’s ‘Measured Response’ | The Huffington Post – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump’s ‘Measured Response’ | The Huffington Post – Donald Trump Sucks

Oh my, Chinese President Xi Jinping and that darned airstrike against Syria sure had all the members in a tizzy last week at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Florida pleasure dome.

Palm Beach Daily News society editor Shannon Donnelly breathlessly reported that for security reasons linked to Jinping’s visit, there was a no-cellphone policy and suspension of the usual prime rib buffet — the horror, the horror!

Donnelly continued, “Later, everybody would realize that the missile launch against Syria had transpired right under our very noses.” Can you just beat that? Luckily, things were soon back to normal for Mar-a-Lago’s privileged:

Less than 24 hours later, the vibe was completely different. Security was back at its usual level; staff members were more relaxed, and the inside bar was thankfully open and one of the first places POTUS stopped on his traditional dinnertime stroll. He stopped to chat with New England Patriots boss Bob Kraft, who was seated with an exceptionally beautiful (very) young woman named Jocelyn, and both joined POTUS for dinner on the terrace. Also there: Koch brothers, David and Bill and Bill’s wife, Bridget; Ike Perlmutter; Bruce Moskowitz; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who hands down has the best-looking Secret Service squad); Robin and Richard Bernstein; Sidney Kohl and Patricia Lebow.

I am not making this up. Thank goodness that inside bar reopened and the Sea Breezes could flow again. Crisis averted. And check out that guest list. For those without a scorecard, in addition to Bob Kraft and Jocelyn Who-Has-No-Last-Name-But-Is-Very-Young, the noisome Koch Brothers and Secretary…

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