Donald Trump Should Go to Japan – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump Should Go to Japan – Donald Trump Sucks

Since November 2016, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has visited the United States on three separate occasions. The first visit occurred in November, shortly after President-elect Trump’s electoral victory. After meeting with Mr. Trump at his residence at Trump Tower, Abe stated: “Alliances cannot function without trust. I am now confident that president-elect Trump is a trustworthy leader.”

The second visit occurred in December 2016, when Prime Minister Abe joined President Barack Obama in a ceremony at Pearl Harbor. After offering heartfelt condolences to those killed in the attack seventy-five years earlier, Abe stated: “We are allies that will tackle together, to an even greater degree than ever before, the many challenges covering the globe.” He characterized the U.S.-Japan alliance as an “alliance of hope.”


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