Who’s For it & Who’s Against it? – Donald Trump Sucks

Who’s For it & Who’s Against it? – Donald Trump Sucks

Donald Trump‘s sudden decision to launch a cruise missile strike on a Syria government air base has divided the country and the world – with some of Trump’s former foes supporting the move and some of his allies opposing the attack.

Before the missile salvo, Hillary Clinton expressed her support for such a move, saying at a New York event on Thursday that the nation should “take out [Syrian President Bashar Assad‘s] air fields” so he can’t “use them to bomb innocent people,” CNN reports.

However, Clinton’s 2016 running mate Tim Kaine split with her, condemning Trump for launching the attack without approval from Congress.

Kaine wrote in a tweet on Thursday: “Assad is a brutal dictator who must be held account for atrocities. But the President’s failure to seek congressional approval is unlawful.”

Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump tweeted out her support for her father’s decision — and was met with a swift rebuttal from CNN’s Jake Tapper.

On Thursday night, U.S. warships launched 59…

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