The idea of Senator Mitt Romney should scare Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

The idea of Senator Mitt Romney should scare Trump – Donald Trump Sucks

Mitt Romney might be back in the game.

After publicly weighing a repeat presidential bid, then publicly denouncing Donald Trump, then unsuccessfully seeking to become Trump’s secretary of state, Romney is reportedly considering a 2018 Senate run in Utah.

The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins reports:

According to six sources familiar with the situation, Romney has spent recent weeks actively discussing a potential 2018 Senate bid with a range of high-level Republicans in both Utah and Washington, and has privately signaled a growing interest in the idea. Romney, though, has made clear he would not pursue the seat without Hatch’s blessing.

Romney, of course, served as governor of Massachusetts, not Utah. But his Utah bona fides are crystal clear, and he’d undoubtedly waltz into the Senate if he ran. Other interested candidates aren’t even pretending they’d run against the guy who won Utah by 48 points in his 2012 presidential run.

But one person who should be watching this with particular concern is President Trump.

Basically no Republican criticized Trump as harshly as Romney did on the 2016 campaign trail. Yes, Romney then sought to lead Trump’s State Department and said some nice things about Trump, but he was turned down for that job, which may make the fire burn even hotter.

And most importantly, Romney wouldn’t really have to temper his opposition to Trump in the Senate — at least not in the way other Republicans do. Utah is about equally as anti-Trump…

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