The Unvarnished Cruelty of Donald Trump’s GOP – Donald Trump Sucks

The Unvarnished Cruelty of Donald Trump’s GOP – Donald Trump Sucks

Democrats won a big victory Monday, when at least 42 members of the Senate agreed to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, joining #TeamSpine and finally combating Republicans with comparable audacity. The media spent the day debating whether that would provoke Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to organize his GOP members to vote away the filibuster, while behind the scenes, Donald Trump and his team were up to unthinkable cruelty.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Justice Department would review all police reform agreements to make sure they don’t counter Trump’s primary concerns: reducing crime and promoting police morale. It also asked for 90 days to examine the Obama administration’s signed consent decree with the Baltimore Police Department, triggered by the rough treatment that led to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in April 2015.

“This is terrifying,” former Justice Department investigator Jonathan Smith told the Washington Post. “This raises the question of whether, under the current attorney general, the Department of Justice is going to walk away from its obligation to ensure that law enforcement across the country is following the Constitution.” The NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s Sherrilyn Ifill tweeted simply:

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