Court case to test Donald Trump’s role in inciting violence – Donald Trump Sucks

Court case to test Donald Trump’s role in inciting violence – Donald Trump Sucks

The Rachel Maddow Show, 3/4/16, 9:00 PM ET

Violence and racism a troubling mix in ominous political climate

Rachel Maddow reports on several recent incidents of racist violence and also a steadily increasing level of violence at Donald Trump political rallies, all contributing to an ever more threatening political climate.

It’s genuinely difficult to count the number of ways in which Donald Trump wasn’t a normal presidential candidate, but among the most alarming was the Republican’s tacit embrace of violence as a legitimate tool at his rallies. While many have credibly argued that a candidate shouldn’t be held responsible for the actions of his or her supporters, in Trump’s case, we saw a candidate who seemed a little too eager to encourage vicious behavior.

After one protester at a Trump rally was punched by one of the candidate’s supporters, for example, Trump declared, “Maybe he deserved to get roughed up.” On other occasions, Trump promised to “pay for the legal fees” for supporters who “knock the hell” out of protesters.

And in Kentucky in March 2016, three protesters were physically assaulted at a Trump event – a known white nationalist helped initiate the confrontation – and the trio filed a lawsuit alleging that the Republican bears some responsibility for the violence. The president’s lawyers, not surprisingly, have tried to get the case thrown out, but as the Washington Post reported, a federal judge, citing Trump’s own public comments, has decided to allow the case to proceed.

Judge David J. Hale ruled against…

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